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30 FOR 30

A program to make theatre more affordable to a younger audience. The 30 For 30 Program is designed to bring in younger folks by offering $30 tickets to any patron 30-years-old and younger. 


This social media post for Revive the Roots hit the front pages of both &, gaining over 1,000,000 views.


This viral image of Tom Morello was posted on & It hit the front page on both websites and quickly gained over 1,000,000 views.


A Vine video posted to It hit the front page and gained over 700,000 views.

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Billboards & Google Ads

Since I've worked at The Gamm Theatre, we've been putting up billboards across the state to great effect. We've also reallocated large amounts of print advertising funds to digital advertisements which has been great for capturing a younger audience.


This shirt design for Bernie 2016 hit the front pages of &, gaining over 300,000 views and selling over 300 shirts.


This video of a fake protest against Jazz music went viral, gaining over 66,000 views on YouTube. The video was organized, filmed, & edited for Serj Tankian. The video trended on Twitter and had an article written about it by Boston Magazine.


A social media post for my self-started company, Wiggle Warmers. It hit the front page of and gained over 40,000 views helping the projects Kickstarter get fully funded.

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